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Teeth Cleaning

Watch this Video to See a Dog Teeth Cleaning Session with Rene!

Dental Cleaning for Dogs

Pet Rush Inn performs anesthesia-free, ultrasonic, teeth scaling that is supervised by a licensed veterinarian. Absolutely no drugs are used to anesthetize your pet during the procedure! Over the years, plaque and tarter build-up on your dog’s teeth can become visible. It also presents several health risks to your dog. We use an ultrasonic hand-tool to scale away even the heaviest build-up and debris. A deep cleaning is essentially performed – similar to that of you going to the dentist – except for dogs, visits should be made monthly! In most cases, plaque and tarter stains can be completely removed and can stay that way with proper maintenance.

TopBenefits of Dog Teeth Cleaning
  • Minimize Plaque and Tarter Build-Up
  • Reduce Health Risks for Dogs
  • Reduce and Reverse Periodontal Disease (Gum Disease)
  • Ensures Healthy Teeth and Gums

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Teeth Cleaning / Scaling

Pet Rush offers professional doggie dental care. Our ultrasonic teeth scaling tool allows us to remove heavy plaque build-up that can be harmful to your pet’s health. This service is supervised by a licensed veterinarian. Maintenance prices are for consecutive visits (non-consecutive after 3 months). The “First Cleaning” price will be applied to non-consecutive visits.

First Cleaning $110 Book Now!
Maintenance Prices:
Every Month $20 Book Now!
Every 2 Months $40 Book Now!
Every 3 Months $60 Book Now!

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