Local Businesses Thrive!

FREE Enrollment Community Program for local businesses, hotels, and corporate discounts available. As part of community outreach and wellness, we accept requests from local businesses, hotels, and corporations who wish to provide their employees with discounted pet services at Pet Rush Inn. We believe in engaging, serving, and collaborating with our L.A. Community!

Types of businesses that can benefit:

  • Studios
  • Hotels
  • Corporations
  • Retail Stores

What your employees get:

  • Exclusive discounts for your company on dog/cat day care, boarding, and grooming
  • Customized Report Cards to track behavior
  • Options for local pick-up and drop-off service
  • Custom plans and contracts for HR managers, etc…

Why provide your employees with this benefit?

  • Increases overall employee well-being knowing their pet is just blocks away
  • Helps employees manage a work-life balance
  • Get to work earlier and on-time when they make planned arrangements for their pet
  • Decreases pet’s destructive behavior when left alone at home