Doggy Day Care Rates

Full Day: 7AM – 7PM
Half Day: Up to 5 hours

Full Day – Dog Day Care$40 per day
Half Day – Dog Day Care$30 per day
30-Day Play Pass
(Full day only)
15-Day Play Pass
(Full day only)
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Doggy Day Care

A healthy dog needs about 30-60 minutes of active exercise or playtime each day.

Our pet hotel offers supervised day care with an outdoor activity center for dogs. Day care is a great option for those who work and want to give their companion lots of high energy play time. Owners love it when they pick-up their dogs – happy and exhausted from a full day’s play.

If your dog is boarding with us, activity times are pre-scheduled throughout the day.

Your companion will get a lot of love and exercise while playing with other friendly dogs. Day care also offers your pet opportunities to socialize and interact with other dogs. All dogs are separated by size and temperament within our activity center.

Cats will enjoy indoor playtime in our specious jungle gym activity room – designed just for cats.

All activities are monitored by our animal-loving staff.

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