Boarding Rates


Dog Boarding (1 dog)$70 per night
Dog Boarding (2 dogs)$67.50 per night, per dog
Dog Boarding (3 dogs)$66.67 per night, per dog
Dog Boarding (4 dogs)$66.25 per night, per dog
Long Stay (14 days Minimum)Discount do not combine its either Long stay or multiple dog that will apply upon check out.
Cat Boarding (1 cat)$50 per night
Cat Boarding (2 cats)$47.50 per night, per cat

Cat late check out fee is $30 now after 12pm

Doggy Day Care Rates

Full Day: 7AM – 7PM
Half Day: Up to 5 hours

Full Day – Dog Day Care$40 per day
Half Day – Dog Day Care$30 per day
30-Day Play Pass (Full day only)$1050
15-Day Play Pass (Full day only)$525

Dog Grooming & Bath

Small Dog (up to 15 lbs)$75+
Medium Dog (16-35 lbs)$85+
Large Dog (36-55 lbs)$100+
Extra-Large Dog (56 lbs+)$130+

Price may vary based on style of grooming and breed.
$15-$35 may be added for matted hair.

Dog Bath Only

Small Dog (up to 15 lbs)$40+
Medium Dog (16-35 lbs)$50+
Large Dog (36-55 lbs)$60+
Extra-Large Dog (56 lbs+)$70+

à La Carte

Blueberry Facial$20
Skin Smoothie (Blend of oatmeal, coconut oil, aloe vera, tea tree oil, chamomile tea extract.)$20
Nail Clipping$15
Nail Clipping & Dremel Filing$30
Ear Cleaning$15
Teeth Brushing$20
Flea Bath Shampoo$20
De-Skunking Treatment$40
De-MattingUp to $40
De-SheddingUp to $35

Teeth Scaling Rates

First Cleaning$150
Monthly Maintenance$30 per visit (every month)
Every 2 Months Maintenance$50 per visit (every 2 months)
Every 3 Months Maintenance$70 per visit (every 3 months)

After 3 months from first cleaning, clients will be charged the 1st time cleaning rate of $150 if cleaning is not maintained on a monthly consecutive basis.

Dog Training

All lessons are conducted on-site and with a dog-training professional. We correct unwanted behavior using ONLY positive reinforcement. Levels range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced.

Board & Train Program$150 per night (Min. 14 day commitment)